Kid's Black/Teal Thongs + Additional Coloured Straps



Kids Black/Teal Thongs + Additional Coloured Straps 

This is why Boomerangz are the best! 

  • You get FREE replacement straps if they break – no time limit!
  • Black straps attached + Comes with an additional pair of straps
  • The bases and straps are interchangeable
  • Podiatrist and Physio recommended flat base (no arch support)
  • Biodegradable bases made from natural rubber and Bmz Bio-Foam®
  • Animal cruelty-free construction and materials
  • The light-weight foot-bed, moulds to your foot shape
  • We recycle your used, broken, old or unwanted straps
  • Premium PVC foot straps with smooth underside
  • Narrow toe post to prevent rubbing / abrasions on the skin
  • Kid's fit base with Kid's straps (unisex fit)
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Aussie owned company with a ‘patented’ footwear design