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101 moments of joy and inspiration

Designer: Love Meredith


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‘101 Moments of Joy and Inspiration’ is a celebration of the way our thoughts shape our worlds. We can positively transform our realities by the thoughts we choose to think. This award winning, best selling little book is brimming with the most uplifting and inspirational quotations from poets, artists and philosphers past and present. Pearls of wisdom from Dolly Parton to Buddha ignite our imaginations, encouraging us to actively choose joy, live our lives to the fullest, and appreciate all the riches in our days.

‘101 Moments of Joy and Inspiration’ was awarded the People Choice Book of the Year at the Australian Book Design Awards, 2014. It is available worldwide with a special edition in Korean. It sits beautifully alongside its sequel ‘101 Inspirations for Your Journey’.

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