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Lately we are hearing that a lot of you aren't feeling confident in your body or you don't like particular parts of you. Well i'm here to tell you, you aren't alone but we need to help each other change these feelings as i am also guilty of this and getting changed 5 times of a morning because i think that doesn't look any good on me but it's amazing on someone else. It's not until my 8 year old recently said to me "mum it's fine just leave it on don't get changed again" i thought wow what am i doing. 

So i have decided this needs to change as my 11 year old is starting to pick up on these habits and i don't want her growing up thinking she isn't good enough.

I have popped together some little confidence building tips for you.

* SMILE: It's an instant confidence booster 

* CHERISH COMPLIMENTS: Don't shrug them off embrace them they are a huge self esteem boost (i really guilty of this one i can not take a compliment i get really embarrassed thinking it's a lie)

* GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE: The time to risk take is now when you take risks regularly your comfort zone expands.

* TAKE A SELFIE: Selfies aren't bad they are a way of expressing YOU. I take outfit selfies all the time for instagram it's a great way of embracing my style and showing everyone that fashion is for all shapes and sizes. I even posted a swimsuit one EEK that one was hard but i actually felt really good once it was done and you know what this is a great way of cherishing those compliments.

Here at Rawspice we want you to feel like you are apart of our family whether you are coming instore or shopping using our online store. Everything has been hand picked and styled keeping in mind that we are all different. With our team of stylists we can help you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin because we know that everyone's body shapes and personal styles are never the same.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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